Empowering Farmers Seed Treaters: Putting Power Back In The Farmer’s Hands

Farmers have an ongoing need for treated seed stock to guarantee blight-free crops. Fulfilling this need has resulted in the creation of an entire industry devoted to providing seed treatment for the agricultural market. That is a boon for farmers and also a curse.

The curse comes in the form of the need to purchase pre-treated seed stock. While this may not seem to be a real problem to the layman, it is actually a major difficulty for independent farmers because they are robbed of control over the stock they purchase.

The Problem

While it is true that a wide selection of pre-treated seed is available to agricultural customers, the problem is that seed comes in fixed lots. When making bulk purchases prior to the planting season, faced only with the available product, farmers have to guess how much seed stock impregnated with a particular treatment for a particular blight they will need ahead of time. There is no way, dealing with a supplier, to customize this order in advance.

The result here is that the farmer can only hope the seed purchased will be in the right amount and treated with the right chemical formula to meet their particular operation. The pitfalls here are twofold: that the seed might not have the right treatment agent and that the farmer will either not have enough seed stock for the planned planting or too much that cannot be refunded and returned or planted. The unusable seed represents a dead loss for the farmer that cannot be recovered or mitigated.

Solving The Problem

The obvious solution is to enable farmers to perform their own seed treatment on-site. Such capability represents a great degree of flexibility for farmers, who are then able to make a bulk purchase of raw seed stock by weight rather than by lot they can prepare on their own in accordance with the planting needs of the operation. In addressing this need, farmers and engineers got together and developed on-site seed treatment equipment that can be installed on the farm and is suitable for the size of the farm and its planting needs.

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