No Job is Too Big or Too Small for Cap Reformers

Much like a battery, a capacitor stores energy for use, but that’s where the similarity ends. Batteries rely on a chemical process, where as capacitors store electrons that are converted to electricity as the power is needed. The problem comes in when the capacitor hasn’t been used for an extended period of time and it loses its charge.
That’s where Cap Reformers comes in. They have years of experience in reforming capacitors, so they know how to do it safely and efficiently. One of the biggest dangers in improperly reforming a capacitor is that the process can result in an overload. If an overload does occur, it can cause explosions, during normal operation. The experts at Cap Reformers know how to avoid that possibility, because every technician is trained and experienced to perform capacitor reforming.


Reforming cap is hard, but yet it’s fun!


Due to the alarming frequency of safety hazards and accidents involved in this type of work, Cap Reformers was founded on a principle of safety first. This means pursuing preventative maintenance procedures on the parts they service, so problems can be caught early. As well as making the job safer, this also works to save customers money. Repairing minor problems early can reduce the need to pay for costly repairs later on, when the problem worsens.
Cap Reformers can send technicians to you, wherever you may be. After a phone consultation, a Cap Reformers team member can provide you with a customized quote for your project. The variation on capacitor sizes and the need to travel to you will affect your quote, which is why Cap Reformers personalizes quotes for each customer. This helps you determine an accurate cost for having your capacitor serviced.

Whether you need capacitor reforming Mobile Al or in another area, you can trust Cap Reformers to provide you with quality service. They stand by their work, delivering safe and effective results. You can contact a Cap Reformers representative today at 484-350-4891, or you can email a request for a quote to [email protected]. Trust the professionals at Cap Reformers to service your capacitor and help you get back to business.