Types of Security Guards, What Are They?

When you have a business, whether it is a small or large scale business, security is one of the most important thing that you need to have. The security in question can be physical or non-physical security. For example, for non-physical, in your office you can install security cameras and as a physical form, of course you need security guards.

The presence of a security guard for your business still plays an important role. Some of its main tasks are to help protect your business from theft, vandalism and other crimes that might harm the company. So of course, you will need jasa satpam since it has fundamental presence for your business.

Belows are some of the types and also the roles of a security guard that we can commonly find.

Postal Security Guard or Receptionist Security Guard

This type of security guard is the easiest for us to find in everyday life. Especially if we pass a business warehouse or mall, there is always a security post located at the front. The aim is of course to maintain the security of the entrance and also provide a sense of security for visitors, especially in malls.

Apart from maintaining security on the front post, this security guard can also usually provide the basic information we need. They normally have other basic task such as greeting the customers, checking security cameras, and also checking the customers. So, please don’t be offended when they are doing so since it’s one of their main job.

Postal security guard also need to be prepared if there is a sentinel incident. Kejadian sentinel adalah an unexpected event or incident that results in death, permanent injury or temporary serious injury and requires intervention to maintain life. So, they need to have the skill to respond when such emergency occures.

Mobile Security Guard

The next security guard service is mobile security guard. As the name suggests, this type of security guard is not like postal security guards who often stay near their post, but they patrol around your business location all day or night.

The advantage of having a mobile security patrol is that security guards can be in several locations at once, especially at several vulnerable points in your business location. Like in places that employees rarely pass by. This is certainly more profitable than just having one security guard outside your building.

Distribution Security Guards

Unlike previous types of security guards, distribution security guards work outside your business location and act as the first contact for customers. It is a top guard that also has more complex skills and is usually more fully armed. This is due to their more vital role in security, especially when transferring business assets or goods.

Distribution Security Guards also have other duties, normally they also check drivers’ identification for every vehicle that enters the business place and even make sure only authorized people enter/exit the building.